• Photo Scanning

    Do your parents have an anniversary coming up? Have us scan all their wedding photos.

    Starting at $0.30 /image

    • Hand Scanning
    • Proper Orientation
    • JPG or TIFF File Types
    • Three Resolution Choices

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    Photo Scanning
  • Negative Scanning

    Snow day! Remember that huge winter storm? School was cancelled and you spent all day playing in the snow.

    Starting at $0.45 /image

    • Digital ICE Adjustments
    • Multiple Film Types
    • JPG or TIFF file Types
    • Two Resolution Choices

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    Negative Scanning
  • Slide Scanning

    Were you the shutter bug in the family! Have us scan in all your slides and relive those memories, no projector required!

    Starting at $0.55 /image

    • Digital ICE Adjustments
    • Multiple Film Types
    • Two Resolution Choices
    • JPG or TIFF file Types

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    Slide Scanning
  • Photo Restoration

    Precious family heirlooms. Let our professional team restore your old, worn, and damaged photos to like new.

    Starting at $15.00 /image

    • Four Levels of Restoration
    • JPG and TIFF Files
    • Advanced Archival Scan
    • Free Consultations

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    Photo Restoration
  • Home Videos to DVD

    Do you have home videos of your children or grandchildren? Have Digital Heirlooms transfer them and enjoy them all over again.

    Starting at $10.00 /hour

    • Multiple Tape Formats
    • Two Service Options
    • Additional DVD’s Available
    • Editable AVI Video

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    Home Video to DVD
  • Audio Cassette to CD

    Have that old recording of your parents singing transferred to CD or MP3.

    Starting at $10.00 /80min

    • Separate Tracks
    • Noise Reduction
    • Optional MP3 Files
    • Additional CD’s Available

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    Audio Cassette to CD

Why scan and preserve your memories?

Do you have an old box of pictures, slides or home videos stashed away in your closet or basement?  As time goes by, environmental and chemical deterioration is a given and will occur no matter how well you store your original images.  By having them preserved you can stop any further deterioration caused by:

  • Age
  • Hot, cold, wet and dry environments (Attic, wet basement, out in the shed)
  • Chemical exposure
  • Natural disasters
  • Children and pet damage

Share with Family and Friends

Have you been looking for a way to store all of your memories digitally in one place to organize, preserve, or share with family and friends?  Digital Heirlooms provides you with a safe and efficient way to preserve those memories to digital media for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come.  Having all of your images scanned and stored digitally allows you to:

  • Archive them for the next generation
  • Keep copies in more than one place
  • Organize and share online
  • Make beautiful, unique, one of a kind gifts
  • Enhance your genealogy or scrapbooks

Why Choose Digital Heirlooms?

Digital Heirlooms is dedicated to preserving your family photos, negatives, slides, and home videos and audio tapes to quality digital format. 

  • We are passionate about what we do
  • We treat each and every image as if they were one of our own.  They are as precious to us as they are to you.
  • We only hand scan your images.
  • We strive to provide the best possible customer service in the industry.
  • We have an experienced professional team whose attention to detail is one of the best in the business.

Ready to start preserving your memories?